Pokemon Go madness in Ghent


These last couple of weeks there is no looking past it, if you haven’t seen it outside, you have definitely seen it on every news channel. Pokémon Go is everywhere and it’s getting bigger and bigger each day. It’s out almost everywhere at this point, but even before it was out in people’s region you can be sure almost 70% were already playing it (with a tricky workaround). The servers definitely noticed, at peak hours the game could crash every so often which made it quite frustrating for some, but when it did work…Oh man it’s so much fun!

Citadelpark_4.1Anyways, on to the actual subject of this post. There have been countless of Pokémon Go events all around made by fanmade groups. There have been some crazy ones out there, but I won’t go into that now. Here in Ghent we had our very first one as well in one of the bigger parks around. So some friends and I decided we would go and check it out, if only to see how many other people would actually go there, and while it was probably nowhere near as big as some of the others that have been seen in the USA or Australia it was so much bigger than I thought it would be, and it was awesome to see!


Aside from the occasional server problems, everyone was having a blast, meeting new people, catching that new Pokémon you haven’t seen before, popping lures everywhere for people. I hope this amount of activity stays around for a long time, the social aspect of this game is the best part. Pokémon Go can also be a great boost for business, there was a Pokestop next to a bar close to the park, everyone in there was playing Pokémon Go and more showed up when I put my Lure on the Pokestop. The barkeeper noticed it and asked almost everyone about their levels etc. You can already tell business can take advantage of this, they pop a lure at the stop near their place and people will show up which then gives them potential new customers, especially in bars it’s a win-win in my opinion

All in all it was an awesome afternoon with friends, amazing to see that in crazy times as these Pokémon of all things is bringing people closer together than ever before. I hope they add many more features to keep the game active, until then I’m heading back out to become the very best, like no one ever was!


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    George Korynta July 25, 2016 at 11:47 -

    Very nice article. Thank you. I myself still can’t decide if I wanna join this madness. Don’t think it’s my type of game. The going out and explore part is absolutely awesome though and this is good step forward in gaming as social platform.

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