5 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Lasting appeal: 3/10

Hitman gameplay I Lots of choise I wide open maps are back!

Episodic approach I Contracts mode a MAJOR step back!

Okay, so i am making this as a NEGATIVE review, however let me say this is only for one big reason, wich is; CONTRACTS MODE, hear me out!

The main mission itself is really awesome and the map is huge! there is so many possibilities to take out your targets, i cannot wait for the next levels! i do agree this “episodic take” they are doin is a negative aswel for me, but i can look past it.

However a big part about these new Hitman games is CONTRACTS Mode, i loved it in Hitman: Absolution and I was glad to see it made its return here, having Contracts on these big maps would be amazing!

2What i do not like about Contracts mode at this moment is the lack of features, for example i had spend hours making an awesome contract and could not wait to share it so my friends could try it out and see if they could complete it, this was a huge part of Hitman: Absolution and part of what made it so awesome for me, and i am sure many others to!

In Contracts mode in this game there is no way to share your contract with friends, or to even look for them via a simple search function, right now your contract just apears in the “Latest contracts” tab and after a while it is just gone as many new player made contracts apear, there is no way to find it back again so you might aswel have deleted it. (yes i know you can find in in the MY CONTRACTS tab, but that is only for me to see, why would i keep replaying my own contracts if there is nobody to compete with?)

Basicly what it comes down to is, Contracts mode in HITMAN 2016 is a MAJOR step back compared to Contracts mode in Hitman: Absolution.

Hitman: Absolution contracts mode had; Friends only filter contracts list & score boards, sharing contracts, easy way to look for new contracts, and an awesome rating system to see what other people think about your contract. HITMAN 2016 has none of these features sadly…

I hope Io-Interactive & Square Enix are aware of this and are working on improving the HITMAN 2016 contracts mode ASAP! but at this time i could not find any information on it that they are, all i can find is other people like me who are sad about these lacking features.

Hitman_1So here is my feedback for HITMAN 2016, its a real shame because the main mission is AWESOME, i cant wait for more and hopefully a much better Contracts mode! because that is what keeps me coming back to play, especialy now when you have to wait for more main missions aswel =(

Until then, my review will stay like this, but i hope i can update this soon and make it a positive!

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